About Selphy CP 910

The new SELPHY CP910 supports Apple Airprint, where iPhones and iPad users can print wirelessly from their mobile devices, further expanding the target user group from existing camera users to smartphone owners, without requiring the aid of an external router. Printing from iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iMacs is an exceedingly simple affair as the SELPHY CP910 can just print directly and conveniently without any additional printer drivers required.

The CP 910 printer also offers selectable print finishing and makes use of Canon’s new RP series of ink and paper cartridges.

The high-efficiency RP cartridges allow users to print 54 sheets without a cartridge change, reducing the frequency of ink changes. Not only does this reduce the amount of down time due to cartridge changes, but it also reduces the risk of dust or dirt entering the printer during these changes. Mobile users will also appreciate the reduction in number of cartridges they carry in order to print large number of photos.