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Learn with Canon Imaging Academy in Singapore

Canon Imaging Academy offers a wide exhibit of courses going from crucial DSLR methods to propel classes, for example, The Art of Framing or Video Production. Adding to it, the institute additionally offers day workshops, travel trips where experienced educators will guarantee photograph devotees get the best esteem and bundle for these solely private photography visits. Such useful photograph shoot trainings will empower one to see all the key standards with a specific end goal to catch a decent picture, to assemble a strong photography establishment and transform your unremarkable shot into a dazzling shot! Whatever your advantages, whatever your ability level, you'll adore what you realize at the Canon Imaging Academy.

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Be it a camera, camcorder or a printer, we promise you a world of fun with your Canon product. From registering your warranty to participating in our events and contests, get in touch with your Canon and be surprised by our activities. To catch the latest happenings, subscribe to our newsletter or join the student photographic community of fellow shutterbugs in EOS Academy. Get engaged!

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